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An advertisement and a website promise to earn money in such an easy way. It sounds very attractive to type texts during one or two hours a day and to make $300 each day. Only basic skills and access to internet are needed to do this job. The work can be done from home and the data transferred through the internet. The website reports about a guy who manages to make even several thousands of Dollars a week for typing.
Is this offer credible?
A person who just types texts and only needs some basic skills earns about 2,000 to 4,000 Dollars a month. This could be a salary for clerks in industrialized countries. Many people earn such salaries for doing simple jobs. Why should a company offer $300 for typing during one or two hours? A company can get thousands of people through the internet who are ready to work eight hours a day for $100 to $150 or even less. People from countries outside Northern America, Western Europe or Japon are ready to work for $10 or $20 a day.
The loophole of this attractive job offer appears towards the end of the website. The interested person has to pay a fee in order to become a member. Only paying members qualify to be set on a waiting list for getting work. How many people have paid for it and have waited in vain for getting employed?
Realistic opportunities to make money
The internet offers opportunities to make money. Many people make a living online, but nothing is granted for free.
The best way of making money is by detecting a niche market with a trendy produce that sells itselfs.
A promising method is to run a search engine friendly website that shows up among the best placed websites in the Google search engine.
There are further ways to make money, but it needs a lot of research to find these home business opportunities.
Skill, time, persistence and some investments are needed in order to make money in the internet. There are a lot of success stories. Most of them are either lies or they originate from the early days of the internet and they are cited again and again. This is not a reason to give up, but a reason to be cautious. Take your time to find the appropiate business opportunity!

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