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So you’re searching for a Louisville mortgage? Thanks to the power of the internet this once difficult task is now quite easy. There are lots of available Louisville mortgage brokers available. We have taken the time to research and list the most popular ones. Below is a list of various lenders in the Louisville area. We have included the name of the company and their phone number. Feel free to give them a call for a quote or maybe just to talk about what you are looking for in a mortgage.

Great Financial Bank, (502) 562-6491
Second Chance Mortgage Corporation, (502) 583-0440
Premium Financing Specialists, (502) 561-9991
Farm Credit Service, (502) 420-3700
Capital Access Corporation KY, (502) 584-2175
Action Loan Co, (502) 585-5200
Mortgage Co of Kentucky, (502) 589-1233
Transouth, (502) 966-4345
Universal Financial Consultant, (502) 585-4898
American Equity Mortgage, (502) 491-5817
First Omni Mortgage Lending, (502) 627-1900

So now that you have a few lenders to contact what do you do? Simply give them a call and indicate your situation. Everyone’s situation and borrowing needs will be different. A quick call to a Louisville mortgage broker will give you some great insight into what kind of a loan you qualify for and what it will cost you.
Once you have a few quotes from local brokers you are now ready to get a second opinion. Don’t worry it wont take longer than 5 minutes and the savings can be huge. You see there are various websites that offer a free service that can save you thousands. You enter your information into a secured online form, and automatically your application is send to a database of hundreds, possibly thousands of lenders from across the country. Now don’t worry, you won’t receive 400 calls the next day, typically only a handful of lenders will call you. This is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. My aunt was about to use a local broker, and after she applied online she realized she was about to pay $125 extra in monthly costs. Over a 30 year mortgage that’s a lot of money. Even ? a percent in savings can be huge over the years. Now armed with quotes from local Louisville mortgage brokers and a few more form online brokers you can sit down and compare the various offers and decide what one is best for you. You can also use the quotes as leverage in negotiating with a certain lender. Perhaps lender A offered you a great deal but a few terms were not satisfactory, you can show them the quote form lender B and say match this offer or Ill go to them. Remember lenders want to earn your business and they will bend some rules for you to get it.


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