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Before you launch that national job search, consider this: employers who are working with a tight hiring budget may not be willing to cover the cost of relocation.
Differentiating factors between likely candidates for a job are important. Does the person have a two year or four year degree or a Master?s Degree? Is the potential candidate located within reasonable proximity, or will he/she have to relocate ? and at whose expense? In addition, what are the costs of bringing someone in for an interview?
If you are looking for a new job and are open to the possibility of relocating, here are some things you should consider:
Look locally first ? Unless you?re really want to move to a new city or state, concentrate your initial search to within a 100-mile radius. Employers in a crunch are going to consider local candidates first.
Involve your family in the decision – Before loading up the moving van involve your family and cohabitants in the process. If they go where you go, they should have some say in where.
Pay your own way ? If you still want to compete on the national job market, be prepared to cover your own relocation. Some companies are still willing to pay relocation fees because they see a good employee as a wise investment. But it is not uncommon for potential employees to pay for their own relocation these days.
Know what you?re getting in to ? If you do choose to pay your own pay, check out the costs associated with a move to your selected locations. Determine what will fit into your own budget. Be sure to cover all these bases before you start sending your resume across the state line. Don?t wait until the job offer appears before weighing these considerations.
Look for that perfect match – Try to target positions that excite you in places that intrigue you. Accepting a great new job in a great new city may be just what your career needs!

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