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Money in the Bank
Everybody wants to save money, but most people think it is too difficult and their lifestyle requires them to spend what they are currently spending. However, there are many small changes you can make that do not adversely affect your lifestyle and will save you a great deal of money throughout the year.
One really good suggestion that can save a significant amount of money throughout the year that does not require a lot of effort is packing a bag lunch every day before you go to work. There are two benefits to doing this, which include saving money and better eating habits. When people eat out for lunch on a daily basis they generally spend at least $5 a day, if not more. If $5 is the minimum, and this is spent every workday, then an individual could save at least $1200 per year by simply taking their lunch to work. This money then could be used for family emergencies, investments, retirement plans, and the like.
Another good tip is to clip coupons and shop grocery store circulars. When you do this you will save so much money and not be putting forth much effort, either. Many grocery stores honor competitors coupons as well, so you should keep this in mind too. If you shop circulars and use coupons it is not unlikely that you will save $40 a week on your groceries. Be smart and take advantage of the discounts you will receive when shopping this way.
Another tip is to make sure you have the appropriate cell phone plan for the amount of minutes you talk. Too many people buy an inexpensive plan and continuously go over their minutes on a monthly basis and end up paying significantly more than they would if they bought a better phone plan.
Use your cell phone wisely. Many people buy a cheap phone package and then overspend on their minutes every month. If this is happening to you, upgrade your package and pay more on the front end, but save significantly when you do not go over your minutes and have to pay high rates.
This is important to keep track of, so check your cell phone statement to see your monthly minutes used, the amount in your cell phone plan, and the hours you most frequently talk. Then, work with your cell phone provider to find an affordable plan for you and your talking habits.There are a lot of ways to save money, you just have to be creative and know where you are spending your money. By following these simple tips you will not be changing your lifestyle very much, but will be saving hundreds of dollars each month which means thousands of dollars each year.


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