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In financial year 2003-4 Air bus started a new advertising campaign. In an industry, like aircraft, so much matured, there was a tendency in aircraft producers to target the big and medium airlines and governments of countries for their big contract running in billion of dollar. Most of second half of 20th century was dominated by Boeing. Its 747 has just no parallel, the biggest monster flying in the sky. People were happy to see 747. Air Bus was challenger to Boeing. She turned the table. ?Air Bus started thinking about one level down, the Airlines? customers. They started targeting the fliers. By highlighting comfort and security issues of an aircraft and launching the next biggest flying machine, A380.
Does anyone take notice?
You bet. They did. Air Bus wanted people to ask their airlines, which aircraft they are using whether it is A380 or not. And succeed they did.
In year 2005, Boeing was trailing for behind from Air Bus. They were beaten in their own games. The biggest monster and by the common people urge to fly in a safer and comfortable aircraft. Do you think Air Bus is safer and more comfortable aircrafts producer? Naahh. But you can not challenge you customer conviction and knowledge. If they say A is bigger, better and safer than B, you have to follow the line. It would have a suicide for any airliner to ignore their customer. The end result was, Air Bus won with a big margin.
My point is if you are a B2B business owner or consultant, you just can?t survive and prosper, just by concentrating on your customer. To win the race, you need to know your customer?s customer like you back of palm.
Follow this simple rule and see what lies beneath.


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