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Another major complaint that most business owners have is all the reading they need to do to keep abreast of what is happening in their business area. Again time management and organization can be a tremendous help.
Be sure to put your reading times in your daily schedule. Schedule a half hour in the morning to read at least one article in a magazine.
While having lunch, read updates or small bulletins.
Make a folder in your e-mail program and organize the articles and newsletters you wish to read and then schedule time specifically to peruse these articles and newsletters in the evening and on the weekend. You don’t need large blocks of time, half hour, forty-five minutes will do.
However, if you schedule your reading on a daily and/or weekly basis you will be better able to manage it all, and in the long run have more time to yourself.
I know you are saying, how do I find the time. Well remember to read our organizing and time management articles. And for those of you that are real lazy, take a gander at Jim and Dallas Edwards’, The Lazy Man’s Guide To Online Business at: www.homebusinessolutions.com/edwards/lazy.html
Remember, “the day you stop learning is your first day towards going out of business.”
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