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For a long time in my life I never started a business. I always thought about it but never started it.
Then I wasted my time going to school, learning courses I know I will not need. Doing what others wish me to do.
Somehow, I know they’re wrong and I am right. Somehow I know that if I don’t like a course, I shouldn’t learn it. It will be more efficient if all of us learn what we’ll be good at.
Somehow, I know that the reasons why I have to do homeworks are not so I become smart, but because others do not want me to move too fast so they ensure that everyone moves at the same speed in governments’ regulated education.
Somehow, I know, that I know what’s good for me.
Yet, I had not been rich. Because I hadn’t taken any action about it. I just complained about it, but still follow the scripts that societies want me to do.
Then finally it happened. One friend I helped taught me a simple business.
It’s a stupid business. I buy products from shops at customers price, and then sell it on eBay for a slight profit.
Bad business plan. Bad business. It went belly up within 2 months with thousands of dollars lost. All the little profit don’t make up the losses when one thief stole my properties.
But you know what? Though moneywise I lost money, I get something from that business that none of my thinking, complaining, and fidgeting has given me for years. I got something so valuable that it’s what got me rich.
That valueable thing is business experience and the only way anyone will ever get it is by doing it.
>From that business experience, I know stuffs that only I know. I learn that there are more money in information than in goods itself, for example.
Then I modify my business and start other businesses again.
A multimillionare that I consider a teacher taught his student: Believe, Courage, Action.
Calculations are good. However, the richest among us are not necessarily the most calculative. Those who will become rich are those with guts to take action and some calculated risk.
When we take action, the first thing we do, we won’t get things perfectly right. And that’s fine. We got experience. That’s what we’re getting. After all those experience, we’ll then discover ways to find out what works.
There are so many things that theoretically will work and make money in business. You know what?
If everybody knows it will work, either you’ll have a lot of competitors, or you’ll have envy bigots blocking the method somehow.
The perk of trying it yourself and learning from experience is that you know something only you know will work. That’s a huge plus.
There is only one way to know whether things that theoretically work will actually work or not with huge assurance. You try it. If it works, then you make money. If it doesn’t work then you’ll get experience.
So if you’ve been thinking of doing a business for too long. Here’s an advice for you. Just do it. Just do it.
Now of course life is about balance. Experience can be very expensive. I lost $3500 for a fraud. It cost me countless time and money to get that vermin to jail. So yeah, you should learn from others and be calculative too. However, for most of you that never even tried a business, here’s an advice. Just do it.
Start a small business. Start from something you’ll know will work. Then build confidence and experience from there. When you get more natural confidence and experience, then start doing it bigger. The best way to get confidence is to be succesful in smaller scales first. So stop thinking and start doing it, even in small steps.
I make a small internet business tutorial anyone can try in http://fasterfinancialfreedom.com/?id=449. That alone is not going to get you rich. That kind of info is unlikely to be free.
However, it costs very little money for domain name and advertising. It’s something you can try. It’s the sort of thing that my friend has given me, a small business tutorial, that I want to give to you.
Give it a try and see what you’ll discover. At the least, you’ll know whether business is for you or not.
Money goes to its own level. The only way you’ll get richer is if you’re smarter and more connected. That requires you to keep trying and learning new things. Keep trying.
Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.
Keep trying, keep planning, keep learning, and keep being open minded. And just do it. Eventually, you’ll be there where you want yourself to be. And never give up.

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