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Currently with over 150 new home developments sites under
way it should not be surprising that making the best
decision about what areas to choose from can seem a little
overwhelming. In order to make it easier to find new homes,
Jacksonville should be broken down into different quadrants.
Mainly four different areas with different styles to choose
from. Downtown should be considered one quadrant.

The Northside which has been steadily expanding is another. The
beaches, intercoastal and Southside can be considered
together although vastly different depending on the area.
Lastly the Westside has a large variety of new home sites.

Attempting to review each new home site development is
beyond the scope of this article. However listed below you
will find each new development and their available price
ranges. This should give you a pretty good idea of what new
homes Jacksonville has to offer. For specifics it would
probably be best if you contacted a Jacksonville real estate
agent to help you decide.

Now on to the best new homes Jacksonville has to offer.
Downtown is currently undergoing a revitalization. While
single family homes are available they reside in the
historic Springfield district. The new projects primarily
consist of condominums and are starting to pop up more
frequently. Deciding what to choose from in the downtown
area would make talking to a real estate agent a wise
decision and would make life considerably easier.

Jacksonville’s Northside currently has over 15 new home
development sites under way, you can find new homes priced
from the low 100’s up to the 350’s price range in more
exclusive areas. Once again a Jacksonville real estate agent
can provide you representation as a new home buyer.

Moving eastward towards the ocean there are at least
fourteen new home development sites in the works. Prices
hover in the 200’s on the low side and go as high as a
million plus on the upper end. This area includes the
Southside and intercoastal area which is developing some 21
different condominium and town home complexes. These really
run the gamut in price starting in the 70’s and pushing the
900’s mark along the ocean.

To round things out with what’s possible in new homes,
Jacksonville’s Westside which includes Orange Park, and
Fleming Island provide plenty in the way of new single
family homes. With approximately twenty new home site
developments going on at any given time lots of options are
available. Prices start in the 100’s and top out in the
300’s range.

This is obviously a broad overview of the amount of new
homes, Jacksonville developers have to offer. In order to
truly search for the best home that fits your needs a
Jacksonville real estate agent should be someone to consider.

Keep in mind that one area that was not mentioned is St
Johns County. It is one of the hottest areas in the
Jacksonville market. It is quickly becoming in high demand
because of its well documented commitment to the high
quality schools. Among the stand outs in the area are Ponte
Vedra Beach, World Golf Village and soon Nocatee.


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