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Have you ever been in the situation where you have become so focussed on achieving a goal that you have done so at the detriment of everything else in your life?
The ‘All or Nothing’ Syndrome
In a coaching session I had with one of my clients this week, he realised that to complete the goal he wanted to achieve by the end of September, that he has totally neglected every other area of his life.
He has fallen into the ‘all or nothing’ syndrome. He has put all his eggs in the one basket. While he’s been pursuing this goal he hasn’t paid attention to anything else. His health and well-being has suffered and so has his relationships.
It’s important to get some perspective and ‘balance’ in your life.You can become so focussed on achievement that you miss the little things…and before you know it, the little things become major problems.
We Don’t Stumble Over Mountains
“We don’t stumble over mountains.” It seems we stumble over small things mostly.
Serious problems seem to begin with small things, and often at early ages. Homes, families, marriages are broken often by little things, annoyances, small acts of thoughtlessness, lack of courtesy and consideration, lack of honesty in little things – small falsehoods, small deceptions in accounting for time or money. The breaking point may add up to something major and dramatic, but leading to it are small steps: inconsideration, irritations, indiscretions.
Sometimes people protest their love and loyalty and offer to do almost anything to make amends, but leave the little things undone. There are those who profess they would lay down their lives, but who won’t serve or sacrifice in the small day-to-day duties and discipline. Some have the all or nothing attitude. But life isn’t like that. Those who insist on all or nothing are likely to have little or less.
The years are made of minutes. Much of life is made of memories, warm and happy memories of small kindnesses and consideration, of courtesy, of constancy, consistency; a mother’s attentive care, a father’s kindliness, a child’s thankfulness; thoughtfulness each day, not grand and rare and obvious outward acts – not all at once, but small and constant ways as each occasion comes.
If we want happiness with loved ones, and peace, and quiet conscience, we need to learn the little lessons, the small services, the continuing kindnesses, the habitual acts of honesty, the constancy of cleanliness – not just one big washing.
“We don’t stumble over mountains.” We stumble over small things mostly.
(Excerpt taken from Noel Whittaker’s Newsletter noelnews@whittakermacnaught.com.au)
The Final Word
Allocate time each day to handle some of the little things in your life. As mentioned in previous newsletters, put yourself in your diary first. Plan time to action your goals…step by step, day by day. As Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon said “One small step for man, one great leap for mankind”.

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