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Investing is about Discipline
If you don’t have discipline then walk away from the idea of being rich. You see, getting rich without discipline is relying on the lottery or your favorite pony ambling past the finish line in front. And how likely is that…?
The idea of wealth retention is what you have to consider and grasp firmly. That must be the goal of any strategy. Get it and keep it. Sounds simple but the average Joe gets it and spends it – on stuff, dreams, hopes, scams, bum ideas, and so on.
Those guys who get the idea of “get it and keep it” are the ones who gain wealth. Even a person of modest means can do this. Consider this – most people who have aspirations of gaining wealth have an income. If they don’t have an income I’m going to suggest that food and shelter are probably foremost in their minds.
So let’s assume that the guy who aspires to be wealthy has an income. If he stuffs some cash in a box every time he gets paid his salary, and keeps it there he is already gaining wealth. He has accumulated an asset he never had before. Average Joe says – “lets put cash in the box next week – we’ll buy take out this week”.
Sounds crazy huh – but it’s true.
The second step in being wealthy is discipline.
The second step …. what happened to the first?
The first step ….. You have to choose to be wealthy – or have stuff. More on that another day. Think about it.
Kevin Bauer


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