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Minneapolis, MN – October 23, 2003- Finally, a fairly new creation is giving people back their time? The errands and concierge service industry. These services are popping up more and more all over the country. The newest errands and concierge service in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area is Twin Cities Errands. These services are increasing in popularity because errands services act as a virtual time machine that frees up busy adults by taking care of those time-consuming activities. These time-consuming activities can be anything from running to the cleaners, getting groceries, gift shopping, and standing in line at the DMV, just to name a few. Twin Cities Errands, a new errands and concierge service for the Twin Cities Metro Area will give you back your time for the things that matter most to you, like family and a balanced lifestyle.
?I have noticed that so many people live such a hurried lifestyle now-a-days?, says Melissa J.A. Carey, owner of Twin Cities Errands. ?I have always found enjoyment in giving people back their lives and sanity, so I wanted to make this service available to everyone. It seems that no one has time to sit together and eat as a family, or even talk to each other anymore. I am offering my services to my clients as a lifestyle management solution, so that they can take control of their lives and find more enjoyment.?
Twin Cities Errands not only caters to busy adults, but also services other populations that may need this assistance, such as seniors and businesses. Seniors find these services valuable, as it seems less imposing to call an errands service than busy family members and friends. Errands services allow seniors to live more independent lives by giving them a helping hand with groceries, reading mail, cooking, picking up prescriptions and more. Businesses in seasonal crunch-times use errands services to keep the workload balanced for their employees and also to take on projects that need special attention.
To take control of your time and use it how you want, give Twin Cities Errands a call today at 612-207-3135 or visit http://www.twincitieserrands.com. Your time is valuable. Take it back!

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