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Small business and medium size business. What can they do, and where can these businesses expand to? Is it real to go to international business stage? How it’s possible? What regions are best for foreign investors? I will try to explain you everything.
Our company works with small and medium size companies which are interested in expandig or starting new activity in other countries.
Mostly, there is general opinion, that it’s possible to start international business only if you have millions of dollars or very good personal contacts. Well, of course in this way everything goes easier, but there are more ways. From our practice, I can tell that our smallest client succesfully invested only 5000 dollars to other country in Eastern Europe, and now, they have own company there. So, it’s really possible.
What you should? > Before starting some actiions in other countries, you must find all information about specific country market, business sphere which is interesting for you, all advatages and disadvatages.
How can you start? > Most succesfull way is direct contact and partners search, this service we are offering to almost all our clients. The main advatage is that you look for usefull business contacts by your self, so there is no need to pay for consulting agency or brokers.
Which regions are most interested for investors? > If we’re talking about today’s situation on all markets – new-joined countries in EU and Eastern regions, also Russia, Ukraine and so on are mostly interesting for investors. Why? Becouse the very simple reason, all investments will get back at maximum short time, if we are comparing with for example Western Europe or America.
Why should I work with other countries? > If you don’t want, then you shouldn’t. But very high growing markets are really interesting for serious investors, doesn’t matter what size they are. Also, good relations with foreign companies are one of most important things in business.
Where can you get more information about international business? > There are a lot of ways, but we recommend some of this:
Emmbassies, Europe Information Centers, Chambers Of Commerce, Departaments, Our Business Portal.
It’s possible, that there are a lot of more good information sources, but these, named above, are already tested, everybody knows, that they can trust on these organizations.
When can you start? > Actually, right now. Visit our international business portal – http://www.business-trader.biz, and start your international relations.

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