Title: IT Consulting: Why The Sweet Spot Makes Sense

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IT consulting is best started with “sweet spot” clients. While it’s okay to balance out your portfolio with larger businesses, small businesses are the most profitable and easily secured segment in IT consulting.

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In the sweet spot of small business IT consulting, you will be taking over anything and everything related to IT. You are expected to know a little about a lot of different things, but most of all, you are expected to be very resourceful and to know where to get the answers to make things happen on a multi-vendor platform project.

The Sweet Spot is a Great Starting Point

For a lot of people who are starting out, sweet spot small business makes the most sense. For those whose technical skills are not quite as strong you might want to start out your IT consulting on some of the micro accounts.

There you will have nice sized peer-to-peer accounts and you?ll grow into things with them – like small business servers, and small business suites with them in-house. As your skills improve, you?ll be able to gradually work your way up into the sweet spot with other business.

Sweet Spot IT Consulting Clients Should Balance You Out

If you are really, really ambitious in your IT consulting business, you’ll want to balance out your portfolio between some big small businesses and a few of the sweet spot businesses.

Pick a Few Technical Skills

Go through your skill list and make some notes about your strengths and deficiencies. Decide which skills are the most important and pick a few to work on gradually. You can?t afford to spend the next 6 months to a year working on your technical skills.

It’s more important that your IT consulting business gets up and running by finding paying clients. You’ll find plenty that want your technical skills. They may end up being in the micro small business IT consulting arena, but that’s okay – you?ll have time to gradually upgrade your skill set and move on to more sophisticated accounts.

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