Title: IT Consulting: Providing Services to Large/Small Businesses

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IT consulting can be provided to large/small businesses. The key is to become deeply specialized so these companies need to go outside their in-house professional for additional IT consulting.

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In IT consulting, you can provide your services to many different sized businesses. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can fit in with the IT consulting needs of large/small businesses.

Pick 2 or 3 of the networking skill sets that you need for the sweet spot. For example, you might pick advanced virus protection, firewall intrusion detection, VPNs and routers. So you are going to focus on security and border access kinds of things and that would be your IT consulting specialty. That’s all you’d do.

In Large/Small Business IT Consulting, It’s All About Specializing

You would get extremely deep and specialize by product platform. At that size, these companies bring in a real IT manager and put them on payroll for 40 hours a week. So these companies will want to handle a lot of the bread and butter infrastructure in-house.

When Would In-House Staff Turn to You?

When companies are paying a lot of outsourcing expenses, they’ll often decide to put 40, 50, $60,000 a year person on the payroll. Once that person is on-staff, he will have a lot of pressure to keep their outsourcing expenses down, until they absolutely have to go above and beyond. Then they turn to deep niche specialists – a great opportunity for IT consulting.

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