Title: IT Consulting: Moving from Micro Businesses to the Sweet Spot

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IT consulting is a very different animal when working with government and school districts. Consider persuing theses businesses only after you’ve exhausted the ones in the sweet spot of IT consulting.

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In IT consulting you have many different options in who you choose as your clients. Larger than the sweet spot businesses are the large small businesses, which provides a different IT consulting opportunity.

Large/Small Businesses Defined

Large/Small Businesses have 5-100 seats, 50-100 computers, anywhere from 50-200 employees and US annual revenue somewhere in the ballpark of 5 million up to 20 million. At that size, you are going to start running into a lot more publicly run corporations.

They are generally going to have at least 2 or more dedicated servers. At that size, beyond the sweet spot you start to see something very different about the dynamics of working with that account. You start to see an in-house IT manager, in most cases that is hired to handle a lot of the generalist work.

These Companies Have An On-Staff Professional

These large/small businesses won?t just have a technician, coordinator, or guru. They will actually have a person whose skills on probably on par with yours. They may be vendor certified they may know a couple of different operating systems, a couple of different database platforms, or a software developer.

Whatever it is, but they definitely have the skills to qualify them as a full-fledged IT pro. And they are brought in a lot of times to handle the generalist work. If you want to be able to provide IT consulting to these businesses, you?re going to need to deeply specialize.

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