Title: IT Consultants: Recommend Clients Buy Video Monitors Along with PCs

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IT Consultants who are recommending brand name PCs to clients should recommend they purchase monitors along with their machines. The warranties alone can be great assets for clients and their IT consultants.

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Although there are really no major compatibility issues to consider between PCs and monitors, most PC vendors offer good deals on monitors purchased at the same time as desktop PCs. In this article, we’ll assume you are IT consultants who recommend brand name PC products to your clients.

IT Consultants: What Are You or Your Clients Actually Paying?

For due diligence, IT consultants should always price the PC with and without the monitor, to see what you or your clients are actually paying. Then look to see whether that monitor price is in line with purchasing a comparable monitor separate from the PC. However, besides the purchase price, there are some even greater soft cost considerations.

When purchasing the monitor along with a desktop PC, the monitor warranty generally is incorporated into any on-site warranty coverage with the PC. That means, if a client?s monitor needs replacement during the on-site warranty period, the PC vendor usually will arrange to cross-ship a replacement monitor.

IT Consultants: Know The Benefits of Warranties

This provides a few very compelling benefits.
? No need to store and retain packing materials. Your clients don?t have to worry that they?ve thrown away the box and packing materials for the monitor. There?s no need to purchase return shipping supplies as they?ll be able to return the broken monitor in the same box their replacement comes in.
? Save time with freight logistics. Your clients doesn?t have to locate a shipping outlet. In most cases, the PC vendor in-cludes return shipping labels (call tags) for a specific freight carrier – generally the same freight carrier used for shipping the replacement to them.
? Save money on freight costs — If the PC vendor supplies return shipping labels, your client won?t have to pay for return freight. Depending on the monitor size, origination and destination shipping points, this easily can save your client $25 or more.

While the third bullet point affects your clients? direct out-of-pocket costs, the first two items can be labor-intensive chores for you or your clients? internal computer administrators (“internal gurus”).

So, buying a monitor along with a PC, and getting both purchases folded into on-site warranty coverage, easily can save a half-hour to an hour (or more) every time a monitor needs replacement.

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