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About Meta Tags Analyzer

About Meta Tags Analyzer


Benefits of our Free Meta Tag Analyzer?

Our free Meta tag Analyzer tool can help you attain better rankings by making actionable suggestions that will always be beneficial for your website.

When you go through the Meta Tags analysis report, you will realise where your keyword optimization process went wrong. The tool produces a report after analysing almost every aspect of your site's on page optimisation but with a significant focus on the meta description tag, meta title, H1 tag, etc. 

The Meta Tags Errors report also provides you with the pages that have an active robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file that, when active, informs the search engine crawler not to crawl and index a particular page under your domain. Sometimes there are pages with active Robots.txt file where they should not be present. This leads to you being unable to locate your site in the SERPs. Hence, they must be removed.

Find out SEO Meta Tags using Meta Tag Analyzer?

The report produced by the Meta Tag Analyser tool is very detailed. It provides information related to the SEO Meta Tags that can affect your SERP rankings.

The report distinctly provides you with information related to 

Meta Title

Meta Description Tag

H1 Tag 

Meta Keyword


Page Size

How your site is being displayed in the SERPs

In front of every head, related information is presented. For instance, in front of the Meta Title, the title of your page is highlighted. If your title is made up of less or more characters than average, then the report highlights the minimum number of characters for optimum keyword optimization.

Other than that, the tool provides you with the page size of your submitted URL and internal links. If the page size is more then your site will load slower and lead to increased bounce rates. And internal links can lead the crawler to crawl and index other pages of your website.<